Rapper Plies’ Car Is Shot Up In Atlanta!! (Graphic Video)


Two people were shot on Edgewood Avenue in Atlanta early Sunday morning, and MTO News has learned that during that shooting, rapper Plies' car was hit with bullets.


Luckily Plies, a platinum-selling rapper whose real name is Algernod Lanier- was not hit. 

But while Plies escaped injuries, others weren’t so lucky. The shooting was captured on video and is very disturbing. 

Here's a pic of the car with bullet holes in it:


There was a lot more violence in Atlanta last night. According to initial reports, at least seven people were shot near the intersection of Auburn Avenue and Jesse Hill Jr. Drive.

Three more people were reportedly shot in an incident in the 1600 block of Lakewood Avenue.

There was a shooting reported on Cascade Road and at least one person was reportedly shot or stabbed in an incident on Trinity Avenue.

Violence in Atlanta has been trending upwards since the coronavirus pandemic shut down the city.