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Rapper Playboi Carti Gets NAILS MANICURED . . . Like He Was A HOODRAT!! (New Trend??)

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Each day rappers come up with new and more bizarre trends. The newest rapper trends are for males to get their nails manicured - with HOODRAT DESIGNS ON THEM.

Top selling rapper Playboi Carti is the latest emcee to get his NAILS DID at the Korean salon. And he decided to put SMILEY FACES on his fingers.

The rapper posted a bunch of images showing off his new manicure on social media. As you can imagine, some of his fans are going CRAZY, wondering why he would do something like this to himself:

Carti was on SNL because Nicki Minaj brought him out for her second “Saturday Night Live” musical performance last night. Together, they did their collaborative track “Poke It Out” from his new album Die Lit

He released the album about two weeks ago and it's been received very well. 

Carti was previously known as a "Soundcloud rapper" the website Noisey said that:

In the year since Carti’s debut, SoundCloud has gone through a transition. At one point, the SoundCloud community existed strictly on that platform but artists began to migrate and exist outside of the site. A pivotal moment for this generation was the 2017 XXL Freshman cover which brought a ton of skeptical eyes onto Carti and his peers, elevating critiques of the movement’s content which had begun with the 2016 Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert headlined cover.