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Rapper Nipsey Hussle SLAPS Employee . . . At BET AWARDS!! (VIDEO)


Tonight's BET Awards started off with a BANG - or should we say a SLAP. The rapper Nipsey Hussle got into a tussle with one of the BET Awards employees.

Nipsey's performance ran little LONGER than expected, and he almost disrupted the start of the show, The rapper didn't seem to mind. But when a BET employee told him about his disruption, Nipsey went COMPTON on him.

As the guy squares up for a potential fight, Nipsey is immediately restrained by an officer while another law enforcement official stepped in between his bodyguard and the employee.

Despite initial reports that Nipsey was arrested as a result of the altercation, he ended up opening the show, performing with YG.

We're told that police were called and so far no one was arrested.

Here is the video:

Another angle:

According to TMZ, "Tempers flare, and after the guy smacks a traffic cone out of the hand of Nipsey's bodyguard ... Hussle unloads a hard right slap. A law officer immediately grabs Nipsey to keep the fight from escalating ... and then he gets back in his car."

We recently reported that Nipsey and baby mom and longtime girlfriend Lauren London got engaged recently, making their relationship official. 

Nipsey and London had been an item since at least 2013, and although there were rumors they could be splitting up last fall, there were no obvious indicators their relationship was coming to an end.