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Rapper NBA YOUNGBOY’S Mama Is Real HOOD . . . She’s On Social Media . . . CURSING FOLK OUT!!! (That’s Where He Gets It From)


NBA Youngboy’s mom was on social media last night – responding to critics saying she didn’t raise her son right.
And well, let’s just say . . . Her son TAKES AFTER HER.

As y’all already know, NBA Youngboy is currently behind bars after being arrested over the weekend in Florida on a fugitive warrant, today. Yesterday he was extradited to Georgia to face aggravated assault, kidnapping, and weapons charges and has not been granted bond.

While he’s been behind bars, a surveillance video of him physically assaulting her girlfriend Jania has gone viral. The “Never Broke Again” rapper can be seen dragging her and then body slamming her. The hotel called the police, but the couple were long gone by the time they arrived on the scene.

Jania has posted videos saying that he was not abusing her, that they were just playfighting and calling the allegations against her boyfriend false.

“I was pulling him, that’s just us, that’s how we like to play[…]He also ask me if I want to go home, ‘Nene do you want to go home’ no I don’t want to go home I like being with him. So if I was being held against my will then wouldn’t that mean he wouldn’t ask me that. Kentrell ask me that all the time so kidnapped f*ck no ain’t nobody getting kidnapped. Has he ever put his hand on me f*ck no.”

She’s young. She can do better. She needs to get away from him before he does some serious damage to her.

Take a look a Youngboy’s ratchet mama below.