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Rapper NBA Youngboy Shows Off The Newest RAPPER Hairstyle . . . Gangsters Are Now Wearing . . . .'AFRO PUFFS'!!!!

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Rapper NBA Youngboy wanted to show fans the new hairstyle that Gangsters out on the West Coast are rockin nowadays.
It’s called “puffs.” Looks like something we had when we were a LITTLE GIRL . . .

The hairstyle isn't a stretch when you consider who his idol is. The young rapper went viral after posting his new chain - a custom pendant, encrusted with 95-carat VVS diamonds of "Lifestyle" rapper, Young Thug. He is said to have paid 150k for the chain, a ridiculous amount.

The Louisiana rapper rose to popularity after the release of his single,"38 Baby". He also received national attention when his video for "Untouchable" racked up over 100 million views on Youtube.

While some of us might think it strange, jewelry in the rap game has taken an interesting turn of late. The blogs have been littered with Instagram posts and videos of them buying jewelry for each other - and cars too. But having a pendant of your friend hanging around your neck every day just seems a little odd. We wonder if his friend Thugger will be returning the favor.

Still, he doesn't seem to be hurting for cash. In 2016 he inked $2-million deal with Atlantic. The NBA part of his named stands for "Never Broke Again" so he is making his point in a very expensive way.

It also is made from gold and diamonds so if his finances do take a downward spiral; there's always the pawn shop!

As for his hairstyle - if you can wear dresses and leggings in hip-hop, afro-puffs should be acceptable too!