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Rapper NBA YOUNGBOY Is Now MUSLIM . . . He's Making His Girlfriend Wear a BURKHA!!!


18 year old trap rapper NBA Youngboy just announced to the world that he's officially a MUSLIM. The young hip hop star told the world that he was making a formal conversion into Islam. Of course he's not STRICTLY adhering to all the rules of Islam - he still uses foul languange and raps about selling drugs and killing people.

But there's one Islamic rule that he is following. Going forward, NBA Youngboy is now requiring all his girlfriends to wear a BURKHA - like they were living in Afghanistan.

Yesterday he showed off his girlfriend on LIVE. Look at what he has her wearing.

Here's the video of him and his girlfriend:

In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club's Angela Yee, we learned that:

Right off the bat, it's evident that YoungBoy is more comfortable in a home environment, seeming more confident as a result. "Where the other dude who be talking all that shit," laughs YoungBoy, referring to Yee's co-host Charlamagne. "Nah he cool, I like him though." He proceeds to reflect on his childhood, explaining that he "never really had much," and was frequently surrounded by violence. "Coming up here, it ain't nothin' but killing," he explains. "Burglarizing and shit. Car-jacking. It was cool though, my grandmother gave me everything I wanted. She didn't have much though."

It's interesting. He truly seems conflicted at one point, admitting he never had to live the street life. When Angela asks why he pursued it anyway, YoungBoy ponders. "There was a certain lifestyle that I got attached to. I liked it. I ain't never knew everything was going to go the way it went. I wanted to rap since I was a baby, and I did it though."