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Rapper NBA Youngboy BEATS Pregnant Girlfriend . . . Gives Her A BLACK EYE!! (PICS)


18 year old rapper NBA Youngboy is awaiting charges for assaulting his pregnant girlfriend Jania earlier this year. And now, it looks like he put hands on her again. Jania posted pics of herself online - and she had a Black eye.

Fans immediately started accusing her famous baby father of ABUSING HER again - which would be a violation of his CURRENT BAIL. But Jania took to social media to protect her baby father.

But Jania's story of what happened - sounded utterly ridiculous. According to Janie - she didn't get the Black eye from a punch. She claims that she got it when she was preparing NOODLES, and some water splashed her in the eye.

According to a report from BET:

Earlier this month, Jania posted several videos where she claimed she was "ready to die" on Instagram. Shortly afterwards, she revealed that she was no longer suicidal, and blamed her previous posts on being dramatic and letting her "emotions" get the best of her. 

The on-again off-again couple made headlines after video footage of NBA Youngboy allegedly body slamming his girlfriend in a hotel went viral. The rapper was subsequently arrested and charged with kidnapping and aggravated assaulted. 

Both NBA Youngboy and Jania Jackson have maintained that they were playing, despite police officials finding blood in their hotel room at the time of the incident.