Rapper Nas Drinks Entire Bottle Of HENNESSY .. . Too DRUNK To Perform On Stage!! (Video)

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Rapper Nas OVERDID IT with the Hennessy during his latest Las Vegas concert the rapper was performing at. 

Nas was booked to perform at the Palms in Las Vegas on Friday, May 26, but as soon as he took the stage at the Apex Social Club’s grand opening event, everyone knew something was wrong. Nas wore a black jacket over a white tee and dripping with $200K worth of jewels. The 44-year-old rapper rambled and struggled to perform his own songs.

According to folks on Twitter - Nas drank an entire bottle of Hennessey on his own.

Here is the video:

Reports said that, "Nas was so dizzy that he had to plan his exit after only 10 minutes on the microphone." 

If you listen, Nas tells two women that he can barely hear himself speak. It seems he was sober to realize it wasn't the right time and place for his level of inebriation. He tried to make peace with the crowd, once it became clear he was trying to weasel out. Nas finished speaking in tongues and shouted out to "everybody living life," at least those he identified in the crowd. He should know, his alcohol consumption was something out of a W. C. Fields' skit, although we weren't privy to the pre-drink affair.

The APEX club celebrated its opening weekend starting on Friday. Page Six described the club as, "the first venue to open as part of the Palms Casino Resort’s $620 million renovation, in the former Ghost Bar space.

Nas ended up performing on the hotel’s 55th floor and the Roots drummer, Questlove DJ'd at the venue.