Rapper Meek Mill SHOOTS HIS SHOT . . .. At A Popular BLACK ACTRESS!!

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Rapper Meek Mill is fresh out of jail, and looking for a ew wiey to hold him down. And it looks like he knows who he wants.

Young actress Nafessa Williams who can be seen on CW’s Blacklighting and popular movie Brotherly Love has caught the eye of the Philly Rapper.

Meek started thirsting over her pics on Instagram. And then, he finally SHOT HIS SHOT!!!


Now the likes could just be casual and friendly but he’s also left some interesting comments.


The two are friendly and have worked together before in Meek Mill’s 2011 movie Streets, They're also  both from Philly.

So what do y’all think? Would y’all be here for them together?

The local CBS affiliate in Philadelphia sat down with Meek this week and reported that, "In all, Meek has spent a third of his life under the control of the court system and he says for himself and others, something has to change. “Why do you think it stands out so much?” our Chantee Lans asks.

“Because it’s not right. There’s right and wrong. I don’t believe that if a kid makes a mistake at 18, 19 years old, he should still be going to jail for it,” said Mill.

Mill spent nearly six months behind bars on what’s called technical violations on his probation. One was for an airport scuffle. The other was for popping a wheelie on a dirt bike in New York City. The violations stem from a nearly 10-year-old drug and gun charge.