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Rapper Maxo Kream Calls Tory Lanez 'P*ssy' & Recounts Meeting Just Days Before Shooting

Rapper Maxo Cream has a story to tell about a meeting he says he had with Tory Lanez just days before he allegedly shot his rumored girlfriend, Megan Thee Stallion.

"I wasn't going to speak on this sh*t until I seen n*ggas and bitches coming for Megan, talking like she 6ix9ine or something. So anyways, three days before Megan got shot or whatever I was in L.A. I was at the hotel. Tory Lanez's b*tch-ass was staying at the hotel too. I go to [local food spot] Wi Jammin because that's where I like my Jamaican food. We done chilling at Wi Jammin, Tory Lanez's bitch-ass pull up behind us," he said on Instagram.

"After he ordered the food, he on the phone looking all goofy and sh*t. He walk up to the wrong car. We both in black cars. I got a driver, he got a driver. This n*gga walk up to my car, open my door. I'm thinking like, 'Who the f*ck is this n*gga?' My n*ggas up sticks on 'em, up guns on these n*ggas. [He says] 'Oh! My bad, bro, I didn't know where I was going. I ain't know where I was going!' He gon' hop back in the car."

He then added:

"So with me seeing that, I'm like, 'Bro, this is crazy' -- You would shoot a female but when some gangstas get on your ass, up sticks, n*ggas cop plea bargains … begging for their life, playing p*ssy.

"Tory Lanez is a bitch, bro. Any n*gga from Texas that ain't standing for Megan, that's not standing up for Megan, y'all some bitch-ass niggas too. Y'all some hoes too. And you can't trust any niggas nowadays that rock weaves, get extensions or get fake edge-ups 'cause these n*ggas is bitches. These n*ggas is hoes, mane. Keep Megan name out your mouth!"