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Rapper Logic Weeps As He Retires From Hip Hop

Rapper Logic wept as he said a final farewell to Hip Hop -- to begin his new career over at Twitch as a gamer.

"I want to thank Kendrick because he doesn't know how much he was there for me and Cole and Drake and f*cking A$AP and Ferg," he said as he wept.

"There is too many people, man," he continues. "I thank you all, I love you all, and I appreciate you all. I bid you farewell and as always I am obediently yours. I won't be on the internet for the first time in my career because it hurts me and every time I release an album I just wanted to be loved and this time I won't check the internet because I finally love myself. So, thank you so much and as always peace love and positivity. I will see you in other endeavors. I am off to be a good father. Thank you."

On Friday, the former rapper released his final album, No Pressure.