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Rapper Lil Yachty Got IG Model PREGNANT . . . Paying $100K/Mth Child Support!!

Congratulations are in order for rapper Lil Yachty and his gorgeous girlfriend Selangie, as the couple just welcomed their first child together. MTO News has learned that the rapper told Selangie that he's so happy that he's going to voluntarily pay her $100,000 a month in child support.


Here's pics of Selangie, announcing the birth of their child:

Yachty's commitment is very noble and generous. 

The rapper made millions over the course of his career, but it's unlikely that any court would have ever granted Selandie such a huge sum for child support.

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However, since Yachty is voluntarily paying that amount - a court will likely lock him into paying that amount for the foreseeable future.

So he's now stuck paying her $100,000 a month - whether he wants to or not.

But Yachty very much wants to spoil his new family, and is happily dishing out the cash to his gorgeous Instagram model girlfriend.

And here are pics of the gorgeous Selangie - who stole Yachty's heart: