Last week, the social media rumor mill was buzzing that rapper Lil Yachty was "broke" after he was sued by a jeweler who claimed that the rapper's check bounced.


Well, now Yachty is fighting back against the claims, and says that the reports of him being broke is "cap" - for lies.

He also claims that the rumors of his alleged banking faux pas is being circulated by "haters."

Here's what Lil yacht is saying, with regard to the claim that he "bounced" a check.

"I've paid Jon [Guven] over $900,000, and I got receipts because I don't carry cash. I pay everything with credit and checks.

So in the case that I wrote him a $70,000 check, first off, I don't write checks. My momma writes checks.

I never wrote that man a check ever in my life. My mother wrote him a check a year ago for something that she was doing out of her bank account. And she spelled his name wrong on the check."

Last month, a celebrity jeweler sued Lil Yachty for breach of contract after he allegedly received a rubber check from the rapper for $70K. According to online reports, Yachty reneged on paying Gunven's Fine Jewelry over $200,000 for jewelry he purchased from the retailer.