Rapper Lil Xan Rushed To Hospital Over Coronavirus-Induced Panic Attack


Rapper Lil Xan was reportedly rushed to the hospital after suffering from a coronavirus-related panic attack.

Xan spoke to TMZ, and said that the incident, which took place last week, was triggered by feelings of loneliness and isolation over the quarantine orders to help combat the virus.

The rapper said that he was taken by ambulance to the hospital on Sunday while he was staying at his mother’s home in Corona, Calif. His mother called the emergency services after she found her young son in a hallucinating state.

He said that he did not remember the attack, but admits that his anxiety has greatly increased since having to stay in isolation. He says that he has been sticking to the self-quarantine guidelines, and only going out for essentials. He also stated that he has been unable to record any new music as he cannot go to the studio thanks to the order.