Rapper Lil Xan is trending worldwide on social media this morning - and it could mean trouble for the 22 year old rapper. New pics were released on social media that may show the rapper "molesting" a female fan.

The images, which are going viral, show Lil Xan hugging a woman. The woman is described by folks on social media as a "fan." The embrace takes place outside of a Los Angeles tattoo parlor.

While hugging the girl, Lil Xan appears to allow his hands to roam, and land on the woman's butt.

The images appear to show the woman immediately grabbing Lil Xan's hands and moving them off her butt.

Social media is already reacting badly to these images. For Lil Xan's sake, we hope the rapper did not do what appears to be happening in the images . .. 


Three weeks ago in a video that's been going around social media, Lil Xan can be seen performing one of his songs when somebody grabs his leg. Almost immediately, the artist falls down and tries to prevent the spectator from pulling him any further. He never ended up in the crowd but he was seriously close. Once Xan made his way back to his feet, security ran over to ensure he was okay and he began to curse out the fan. "Get the fuck out of here," he can be heard yelling. For once, the rapper has a point. When somebody is on stage, don't try grabbing their shoes or any other part of their body. Respect their privacy and let them do their job. Nobody is trying to assault you while at work...