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Rap legend Lil Wayne has been a drug addict for years. The rapper has admitted to being addicted to codeine cough syrup.

But now it looks like he may have graduated to heroin. Heroin has the same chemical compound found in codeine cough syrup, only it's a lot more concentrated. And a lot more addictive.

On Christmas Eve, Lil Wayne’s private jet was stopped by authorities at Miami-Opa-locka Executive Airport after they received a tip that it was carrying drugs and guns.

The feds searched the rapper’s plane and they found a gold-plated .45 caliber handgun with a pearl grip, according to the Miami Herald. Feds now are also claiming that they found ecstasy pills, Molly, weed, and cocaine, which probably does not come as a surprise to many fans.

But the feds also claim that they found a relatively large amount of heroin.

The feds did not disclose who they believe owned the drugs however.

Lil Wayne's attorney Howard Srebnick said late Monday that his client, Lil Wayne, was “cleared” to leave the scene by federal investigators but declined to comment any further. 

No immediate charges have been filed against Lil Wayne but a federal grand jury could be impaneled after the holidays to consider the gun and drug charges.