Rapper Lil Wayne Flies TWO WOMEN Out To Vegas . . . To Be With Him . . . FOR THE WEEKEND!!! (Pics Of Weezy's TWO Baes)

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Rapper Lil Wayne has been in Vegas for the past couple of days performing, and he flew out two of his harem members to be by his side.

The First Chick is .... his longtime side chick, Candace Cabrera. She's a video vixen and was on Flavor Of Love. He's been messing with her for nearly eight years off and on. She even has his name tatted on her hand.

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Here's an old pic of them together:

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The other chick is Patricia Caves. He's been messing with her for almost a year. He bought her a puppy for Christmas last year...

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Here's an old picture of them....

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and Yes, he's still with Dhea....She was with him at Reginae's Graduation party...

That's her with the backpack hugging Reginae...

We could see bringing one out there, but two? They must each get to spend a day with him.