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Rapper LIL UZI’S Girlfriend . . . Shows Off Her New DANCE MOVES . . . Called The SOCCER BALL TWERK!!!

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Rapper Lil Uzi’s GF Brittany Renner showed off her moves – both with the SOCCER BALL . . . and well without.
She is a very talented woman.

Not only does she have great ball control, but her twerking skills are top notch. We’re not too surprised. She does have her own app, B. Renner fitness.

In the app, Brit has strategic workouts, nutritional guide to healthy eating, upcoming events and exclusive content.

Fans were caught off guard by her relationship with Uzi Vert as she had posted a selfie back in July 2017 saying:

“#TeamSingle >>>>>>>>> #TeamInARelationshipAndMiserable I don’t have to settle for shit and I absolutely refuse to. This is my life and if my standards are “too high” for you then maybe you’re not enough for me. The difference between high standards and perfectionism is DEGREE! Reread that part if you must! The next bitch with low/no standards or love for herself will gladly accept you with open arms…just…not…me 🤷🏽‍♀️ Cheerio!”

But the following month, a video circulated of her kissing the rapper, making it very clear that she is not single at all. Maybe the “Money Longer” rapper caught wind of her post and decided to snap her up before somebody else hit her DMs.

He’s a smart guy.

Check out Brittany Renner’s ball-handling skills below.