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DJ Akademiks has been hit with a cease and desist letter by Virginia rapper, Lil Tracy.

In a series of tweets, Ak put Tracy on blast before posting the letter on his Twitter account for the world to see.

".@tracyminajjjjj was gonna respond to ur lawyer n tell him to suck a d*ck but I’ll tell u urself... file ya lawsuit b. Ain’t nobody worried," Ak tweeted.

The letter reads:

"This firm is litigation counsel for Jazz Butler p/k/a/ Lil Tracy ("Mr. Butler). This letter is in reference to your Instagram post that references the April 26, 2019 article by Aida Cissé entitled, Lil Tracy & Affiliates Accused Of Sexual Assault: Report (the "Report"). Demand is made that you take down the post immediately and that you cease and desist stating/publishing defamatory statements regarding Mr. Butler. Be advised that Mr. Butler has authorized us to file a lawsuit against you for defamation and injunctive relief if you fail to comply forthwith. If Mr. Butler is forced to file a lawsuit, he will seek monetary and punitive damages, and he will seek that you pay his attorneys' fees and costs."

Last month, Lil Tracy was accused of taking advantage of an intoxicated young lady at a party. The incident was first reported by RapCurrent. Ak reported on the alleged incident on his Instagram page. Ak's post has since been removed.

Tracy and Ak have been at odds before as the rapper dated Ak's ex-girlfriend, Angelica Ggx after she split from the Complex host.

"You only had 20 thousand followers and no comments before I met you," Ak said as he taunted the rapper on Twitch back in December. "I'll find a chick from the mud and glow her up."