Rapper Lil Tjay Backs Down In Beef With A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

But Don Q Does Not Accept His Apology...
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Rapper Lil Tjay had a lot to say about A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, but after Don Q and some of Boogie's fellow rappers jumped into the fray -- he is now walking back on his words.

He says he does not want any smoke.

"Today's a new day, man. I'm chilling, man. I ain't tryna argue with nobody," he said. "I ain't gon lie -- I'm going back to the old Lil Tjay. Not arguing. This is why I never like posting a lot because I can't control myself, start getting out of hand and sh*t. My fault for getting out of composure -- F*ck this beef sh*t, I don't encourage it."

Tjay posted a video taking a swipe at both A Boogie and 6ix9ine, Don Q quickly hopped online to take aim at him.

"Word to my mother, I'm not saving n*ggas no more. Next time n*ggas see n*ggas, n*ggas getting stripped out of everything, respectfully. I'm telling you now."

But Don Q says he does not accept the apology:

Lil Tjay is dropping new mixtape, State of Emergency, on May 8.