Rapper Lil Kim SPLITS w/ Boyfriend During The Quarantine!!


Female rapper Lil Kim may be back on the market! MTO News has learned that Lil Kim has split with her boyfriend, after quarantining with him for two months.

Now you know family when you quarantine with someone - your relationship can either get stronger . . . or completely fall apart.


Unfortunately for Lil Kim and her entertainment executive boyfriend who calls himself "The Great Leader," it was the latter.

Her relationship with him became public last year when she revealed it to fans in a post where she thanked him for buying her a diamond necklace. “It’s beautiful!” said Kim.

Here are pics of him, giving his bae lavish praise just a few months ago:

Now, Lil Kim is no longer following her music industry bae, but it's not clear whether this split is permanent, or whether the two just needed some time apart.

Best of luck to both Kim and The Great Leader.