Rapper Lil Kim Shows Off Her DANCE MOVES . . . And It's Pretty BAD!! (Video)

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Popular 1990s and 2000s rapper Lil Kim is trying to make a comeback. And it seems to be working.

Kim has one of the most LOYAL fan bases in hip hop, and she still sells out shows. And despite her appearance, her shows are often fun and entertaining.

But Kim really needs to HANG IT UP when it comes to the dance moves. Kimmy tried to do some moves yesterday at the Funk Fest yesterday in Atlanta. And well, see for yourself:

Last week, BET reported that Kim clapped back on Instagram. The report read:

One of Instagram’s unspoken, but widely understood, rules of etiquette is simple: you don’t come for the children.

One fan apparently skipped this guideline, and penned a lengthy paragraph about Brooklyn rap icon Lil Kim’s 3-year-old daughter, Royal Reign. Soon afterward, however, she quickly learned how big of a mistake that was.

This is what the fan said:

“No offense—but you post photo after photo of yourself from all of these high definition professional photoshoots wearing top of the line fashion,” the user started, “but when it comes time to make one post about your daughter, the best you can do is post a blurry crappy picture where she’s wearing some regular crap and barely prepared for the photo?”

Kim swiftly responded:

“Sweetie, I’d have u to kno that she’s wearing Gucci from head to toe but I wouldn’t expect U! To know that,” Kim replied. Not to mention, she added, even if baby Royal Reign weren’t decked in designer gear, she’d still be the adorable toddler worthy of her mommy’s Instagram recognition.

“Actually this shows where ur priorities r worried if my child is wearing name brand or not,” she continued. “Y r u so pressed? What’s in ur child’s closet? Chile bye!”