Female rappers Lil Kim and Kash Doll got into an argument last night in Detroit. The two hip hop artists went out to dinner together, and BOTH wanted to pay for the meal.

Kash Doll pulls out her credit card and The Queen of Rap Lil Kim pulled out hundreds of dollars, both adamant that they wanted to pay the bill.

While the argument seemed friendly, it's clear that both women were serious about paying. The incident occurred in a restaurant in Detroit, and according to social media accounts - eventually Kash Doll relented and allowed Kim to pay.

Kash Doll posted the video of her and Kim going back and forth over who was going to pay the bill.

“Give her, her money back, its on me..its my city,” Kash Doll stated. “Me and queen bee @lilkimthequeenbee fighting over the bill last night was a highlight of my female rap career..! Like really last night was epic! I’m honored she’s the best! I had soooo much fun it was on the flo!” Kash Doll wrote on her Instagram. Followed by a comment from the Crush On You rapper saying, “My BABY!!!!! ITS ON DA FLO!!!! Fr.” 

Kash Doll, real name Arkeisha Antoinette Knight, is a popular rapper signed to Republic Records. She is best known for her singles "For Everybody" and "Ice Me Out", the latter of which became the lead single from her debut album Stacked. 

Kash Doll has collaborated with artists including Meek Mill, Big Sean, Iggy Azalea, K Michelle,and Summer Walker.