Rapper Lil Kim Is Now OFFICIALLY More Light Skinned . . . Than R&Bs FAITH EVANS!! (How Sway??)

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In the 1990s Rapper Lil Kim used to be brown skinned, and she had a rivalry with R&Bs Faith Evans - who is light skinned.

Well a lot has changed since the 1990s. First off, the two ladies are NO LONGER rivals. The ladies have long since became friends - and have even recorded music together.

Another BIG change is that Lil Kim is no longer brown skinned - at least her face isn't.. In a new video, posted on Diddy's revolt - the two women talked about their new found friendship.

And in that video, we were surprised that it now appeared that Kim was LIGHTER than Faith.

In other news we also learned this week that Kim's home in New Jersey is under FORCLOSURE

NJ.com reports:

The house of rap legend Lil' Kim, which went into foreclosure last summer, will soon be on the auction block.

According to Auction.com, Lil' Kim's 6,026-square-foot Alpine home will be auctioned off at the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office on May 11. The starting bid is a mere $100.

Lil' Kim, whose legal name is Kimberly Jones, bought the contemporary home, which is located on two acres, for $2.3 million in 2002, according to property records.