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WTF??? Rapper Lil Kim Announces . . . After ALL My Plastic Surgery . .. I Now Look Like MELANIA TRUMP!!! (PICS)

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Female rapper Lil Kim thinks that she looks like MELANIA TRUMP.
A fan asked her about her new look – and Kim told the fan that after YEARS of surgery – she FINALLY looks like Melania.

The fan commented "I swear I thought that was Melania Trump but thought she looked waaayyyy too fly. 😂"

And Lil' Kim took it all in good fun and responded with the following:

"that's funny because I said that 2 when I first saw it 😩😩😂😂"

Fans of Lil' Kim still love her regardless of her plastic surgeries. Just last year, Beyonce paid the ultimate homage by copying some of Kim's most iconic looks for Halloween. She dressed up in 5 outfits and Kim lost her mind!

"Lorrrrrddd, my wig is all the way in China!!! SLAYED 😻 You did that B! #beyonce #lilkim #tookusabreak #queenbee @Beyonce"

Cardi B, Miley Cyrus, and Nicki Minaj have all donned looks which were obviously inspired by the rap legend.

Just last week, the "Bodak Yellow" star and the queen bee were photographed hanging out together at New York Fashion Week. Could new music be on the way? We hope so. Kim's collab with Remy Ma was off the chain and a Cardi B single would blow the world up!

Have a look at Kim's Melania comments below.

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This is the image that they were commenting on