Rapper Lil Durk BROKE UP . . . With His PREGNANT BABYS MAMA!!

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If you remember, MTO News broke the story a few months ago, that Chicago rapper Durk confirmed that he and girlfriend India were expecting their first child together (His 6th, and her 2nd).

He spoke about how this relationship was so different from any of his others, and how he planned to marry her in 2020. Well it looks like that's not gonna happen.

MTO News just confirmed that the two unfollowed each other and deleted each other's pictures. And, people keeping @ing her under this picture of him and Bernice Burgos...

Here's the baby mama:

Back in early May, Durk said, "India pt2 Lol with my lil baby inside her," Durk tweeted along with a photo of himself with girlfriend India Royale. In the picture, the Chicago spitter has his hands around India's stomach as they snap a photo together in the bathroom.

But it seems like he's done with her now despite the rapper and his girlfriend already having one child together—Bella—who Durk recently tweeted about after announcing India's latest pregnancy. "If i have a girl Bella gone be on my ass," he wrote. The rapper reportedly also has four more children.

Our recent report said that, "Lil Durk is currently CLAIMING four of the children. But three other women are claiming to have birthed his children. It's not clear what type of relationship that Durk has with his "alleged" kids."

Durk and his newest baby's mother India has their gender reveal party yesterday, and they both seemed very happy to make the announcement to family and friends on social media.

Hopefully they reconcile before the baby is born...