Rapper Lil Baby: I Don't Want To Be No Malcolm X Or Martin Luther!!

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Lil Baby says he's had enough of politics -- and will be keeping his opinions to himself when it comes to social justice matters from here on out.

"The more I'm seeing what's up with all that sh*t, the more I'm like, 'Let me back up off politics,'" he told GQ. "I don't want to be no Malcolm X or Martin Luther [King]. I stuck my nose in it. I'm good on that."

Lil Baby had the opportunity to speak with Paul Howard -- the D.A. who prosecuted Baby and sent him to prison in 2014, about criminal justice.

 "If I can sit at a table and really talk to you like I'm human, versus the politics and you in that courtroom, you really might come to reality versus you sending n-ggas goddamn down the road for 500 years," he says, adding, "Paul Howard sent me to prison," he says.