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Rapper Kota The Friend Accused Of Being A Sex Predator

Colorado rapper Kota the Friend is facing allegations of being a sexual predator.

 A woman named @teyonie put him on blast on Twitter.

She said he allegedly strangled her, forced himself on her sexually, and threatened her if she retaliated in any way.

"Can we discuss how abusive and manipulative Kota The Friend is? This dude literally strangled me, forced himself on me sexually and put me through crazy mental abuse," she tweeted.

Screen Shot 2021-07-01 at 6.04.19 AM

The young lady also says she has receipts to back up her story. And if she's telling the truth -- she may have a strong criminal case against him.

"He portrays himself to be this wholesome n*gga but in reality he's a whole predator. I have physical screenshots, emails. I have an actual audio recording of him while he physically put his hands on me. A police report filed on March 17. I also have audio of him threatening to hire someone to hurt me if I were to retaliate."