Rapper Kodak Black Suing US Marshal Over Leaked Arrest Photo

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Incarcerated rapper Kodak Black is planning to sue the US Marshals after a photo of his arrest leaked to the media.

"Its time to start holding thes people accountable and I don't care if it United States Marshal Chief Oloughlin ,an ATF agent that says "don't worry we will get this f*cker", jail beatings while under the influence of an unknown substance given to him, or a the Miami Dade State Attorney Kathering Rundle (up for re election) prosecuting for same nucleus of facts as the federal case," Kodak's attorney Bradford Cohen wrote via Instagram.

Kodak was arrested at the Rolling Loud music festival in Miami in May 2019 after trying to buy firearms with falsified paperwork. In November, he was sentenced to 46-months in prison over the incident.

Cohen's post continued, "Can you imagine a Federal Agent, taking a photo supplied to him and within minutes giving it to the press? When is the last time you saw a picture of someone in cuffs, asked to smile like a good boy, in custody by the feds? Felicity Huffman? Lori Laughlin? Name the celebrity that a Marshal, a Chief gives the picture to the press? This was a publicity stunt from the beginning," he added.