Rapper KHIA Claims . . 'Murdered Santa Fe STUDENTS Got What They DESERVED'

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Talk show host Khia is making news - for saying that the murdered students who were killed in the recent Santa Fe shooting "got what they deserved." Se made the controversial statements during her podcast.

Khia started off talking about BULLYING, but then the conversation quickly went left. The 1990s rapper said,"This boy has been in high school from 9th grade to 12th grade, and no one tried to be his friend."

There is little evidence that the mass killer was bullied. He was a White Supremacist terrorist.

But the FACTS didn't stop Khia from blaming innocent kids for getting killed. She continued, "The teachers picked on him, the students picked on him. You mother f**kers got what you deserved."

Here is her talking her sh*t:

While we're not surprised that Khia is sharing her often CONTROVERSIAL opinions, we would think she should be more concerned with her NEW HUSBAND. 

MTO News reported last week that "47 year old Khia, and her longtime boyfriend were married two days ago - in a private ceremony in Mexico. According to our insiders, Khia and her boyfriend wanted to keep everything low key. So they invited a few of their closest friends, and jumped the broom."

Khia is best known for her 2000s hit song My Neck, My Back- which thrust her into the mainstream. The vulgar song is still very popular to this day.

Khia was born Khia Shamone Chambers in Philadelphia and was raised in its Germantown neighborhood, and she moved to Tampa, Florida when she was 11.