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Rapper Kendrick Lamar's Little SISTER . . . Explains How She Got PREGNANT At Just 13 Years OLD!!! (Wow . . . Just WOW)


Kendrick Lamar is one of the most popular hip hop stars out of Los Angeles. But he wasn't always rich and famous - and his family is from COMPTON.

Listen to his little sister tell her story of getting pregnant at 13. Peep the CLIFFNOTES below - for those not interested in watching a 20 minute video:

Here are the Cliffnotes to her story:

She got pregnant when they lived in Compton. She was 13.

Met the father of her child from a friend on Facebook. They use to call each other brother and sister.

At the time, the baby daddy lived with his girlfriend. His mom was in jail.

Her and her mom gave him money, he'd hang out with her at her house.

Him and the live-in girlfriend broke up, but he didn't move out. She started dating him after.

She thinks she was young and not dumb.

She wasn't thinking about sex until him.

February 2013 they started dating. He was pressuring her into sex.

She feels stupid.

She was 13, he was 15.

She lost her virginity in May and got pregnant in July.

He used to tell her dumb shit like, "I want you to have my baby." Dumb little boy stuff.

His mom got out of jail and he moved out his ex house.

She missed her period and they got a test. They took the test at McDonalds.

He got verbally abusive while she was pregnant. Went through her phone and saw she texted her ex and he went off on her. She got afraid and tried to leave, he chased her and pushed her and started calling her names. His friend tried to take up for her and they fought.

Her mom thought she was fine. Didn't think she was having sex or that the dude was abusive.

She didn't have the sex talk... never had a health class.

She tried to hide being pregnant, mom found out when she was 5 months.

Mom surprised her with a pregnancy test, she tried to avoid it and the mom took her to the doctor's. Told the mom she was 5 months. The mom was shocked.

Says she was forced to keep it at 5 months.

Mom cried, she didn't know what to do. Told the dad and he was nonchalant about it. Her and the dad aren't close. Kendrick broke down crying.

She decided to keep it and continue her education.

She's currently in the 12th grade. She graduates in June.

She was in 8th grade and pregnant. She was trying to still go to school.

Kendrick told the family they had to move. After he moved them, their life changed.

Her birthday is December 30.

She had to go back and forth to Compton on the bus to see the baby daddy.

She tried to go to middle school in the new neighborhood, but they wouldn't let her go to school there because she'd be a distraction. Says her mom could have sued the school.

She skipped a grade technically, but still is a grade behind.

When she was nine months, they were arguing and he is trying to fight her. (She says tussle, but fuck that.) He tussled her because she wanted to go home for the night. She started bleeding. He started crying after she started bleeding.

She gave birth at 36 weeks, April 14.

Her mom was the only one with her. Her mom cut the cord.

The dad came like 10 minutes after the baby was born. Then her family came later to see the baby.

Her the baby daddy were arguing in the hospital. They got into a another fight, he put his hands on her.

She found out he was texting his ex.

She hid everything for a year, at least the background stuff.

She doesn't blame her mom because her mom was normal and did what normal moms do. She blames herself.