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Rapper Juelz Santana Was Looking Real . . . CRACK-ISH . . . Days Before He GOT ARRESTED!!!


A few days before rapper Juelz Santana was arrested with a gun at Newark Airport – he filmed a VLOG with fellow rapper Nore.
And umm . . . let’s just say he was looking a little . . . DIFFERENT.

Back when Dipset was at their peak, Juelz was considered to be the eye candy of the group, with millions of teenage girls here and abroad swooning over him. But in this footage, he looked just a little bit dorky.

Just yesterday, the rapper pleaded not guilty to drug and gun charges after he fled from the TSA at Newark Liberty International Airport last week. The drug charges were due to authorities finding oxycodone pills on his person, but he did not have a prescription for in his carryon. Santana’s .38-caliber handgun was loaded.

Juelz fled the airport after agents inspected his bag. “Upon seeing that his bag had garnered additional attention from the TSA security screening, James retreated from the security checkpoint area without his belongings and departed Newark Airport in a taxi,” the complaint states.

Juelz is currently behind bars. Carrying an unlicensed loaded gun could automatically men a 10-year sentence for the rapper. It isn’t looking good. We jut hope that he has a great lawyer because he is going to need one!

Check out the clip of the young Juelz below. Is he on something?