Rapper JIM JONES' Mother Is Photo'd Out In BROOKLYN . . . And She Looks BETTER THAN EVER!!!


Rapper Jim Jones' mother, Mama Jones, was out in Brooklyn yesterday filming the new JIMMY and CHRISSY marriage reality show. She looked even better than we remembered her.

Hey Mama Jones . . . Looking GOOD MAMA!!!


Jim is shooting his new series, Jim & Chrissy: Vow or Never, for a premiere in September on WE tv. Chrissy and Jim did two seasons of their reality show, Chrissy & Mr. Jones, for VH1.

Nancy "Mama" Jones is Jim's mother. She was born and raised in Manhattan and is of Aruban ethnicity. She is a youth advocate, community activist and a hustler with several business ventures. She's launched her own perfume line, PumK√°sh.