Rapper Jim Jones Gets JUMPED Outside Club . . . Caught On LIVESTREAM!!

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Rapper Jim Jones was attacked and beat up by a group of men - outside a popular club in Springfield, Massachusetts.

According to eyewitnesses, Jim Jones and the local promoter had a sort of disagreement - and Jim REFUSED to perform after receiving at least PART of his performance fee.

When Jim Jones people started arguing with the promoter outside, things went from bad to worse. A group of local goons put hands and feet on the legendary NY rapper. Luckily for Jimmy - he came out without much damage.


And here are some Twitter reactions:

Jim recently spoke to Billboard about his new album, Wasted Talent:

“Doing this album, I got into a bit of a musical zone that I don't think I've been in before,” Jim tells Billboard. “It was different.” Supported by the singles “Chicken Fried Rice” and “Still Dipset,” Wasted Talent has Jim delivering his trademark mettle and passion with a refined lyricism.

The album title is a play on the movie. I encourage all my youngsters that think it's dope to be a gangster to watch it. You will get some perspective on what it is to have morals inside of this game. One of the lines said in the movie is, "The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.”

Where I’m from, we see that all too often. We all know a person who's probably wasting their talent. But there are a lot of people that bounce back and figure out how to turn a negative situation into a positive. There's also a lot of people that didn't get the opportunity or resources to kind of explore their talents. So it’s a combination of all that.