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Rapper Jeezy Accidentally EXPOSES Himself . . . Has 'SMALL' Package!! (Pic Inside)


Rapper Jeezy is coming under fire on social media, after he releases a pic of himself - which many are saying shows that he has a "small package." Jeezy posted a pic on Instagram, showing the rapper with his legs spread open. But he quickly deleted the pic when he saw the comments.

According to commenters, Jeezy appeared to have a "small package" in the pics. The commenters started making very rude comments in the comment section, and it caused Jeezy's team to remove the post.

Here are some of the more rude comments:

I love I jeezy but it looks like the sun melted you snow balls

Vagina print

 I zoom til I couldn't zoom no more ☺

You ain’t packing nun down there

That n*gga got camel toe instead of a d*ck print

Here is the image