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Rapper J Cole May Be 'SEPARATED' From Wife . . . Spotted With 'NEW' Biracial 'Girlfriend'!!


Two years ago, rapper J Cole made news by marrying his longtime girlfriend Melissa. But a new online report suggests that Cole and his new wife may already be separated. 

According to a new online report, J Cole was spotted down in Miami with his "new girlfriend", a biracial Instagram model type chick. The new girl claims to be in the "music industry" - but she's really just a pretty young student. 

The report claims that J Cole's new chick goes almost everywhere with him now. He has mentioned her in recent songs (the song with six lack) and they seem to have moved rather quickly with their relationship.

MTO News reached out to some people close to J Cole and asked about he status of his relationship with wife Melissa, and were told "no comment."

Earlier this year in an interview with New York Mag Cole said, “I’m a fucking successful rapper, who can literally at the drop of a hat go anywhere, do anything, have mad adventures. But there was no better decision I could have made than the discipline I put on myself of having responsibility, having another human being — my wife — that I have to answer to. Family can literally be the thing you always needed, bring balance and meaning and fuel your creativity, give you purpose.”