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Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine is currently in prison awaiting sentencing, after the rapper snitched on all his friends and associates. The rapper was charged with RICO and gang related offenses - and flipped on his co-defendents.

Since news of Tekashi's snitching was released, many people - including his babys mother Sara - have been distancing themselves from the rainbow haired rapper.

Tekashi, real name Daniel Hernandez, and Sara were on bad terms BEFORE he reportedly snitched - now they are no longer on speaking terms. And it appear that Sara may have found a new father for her daughter - and moved on from Tekashi completely.

Sarah is dating a rapper from New Jersey named Benny Bates. Here are pics of the couple:

And Benny posted a video on Instagram, where he's claiming Tekashi's daughter as his "youngin."


Here are pics of Tekashi's very pretty daughter 6 year old daughter Saraiyah:

Back in February, Sara joined "TMZ Live" shortly after she was blindsided by the news the rapper pleaded guilty to nin counts ... including racketeering, conspiracy, firearms offenses and narcotics trafficking.

As it was reported, Tekashi spilled the beans to feds about how and why he got into the Nine Trey bloods ... and also named names of other gang members allegedly involved in a slew of crimes.

Sara says Tekashi's left behind yet another mess for her to clean up ... but she's especially worried, because she believes little Saraiyah is in danger. Sara says she'll protect her family at all costs, even if that it means keeping Saraiyah away from Dad. She makes no bones about it ... she won't allow Tekashi's baggage near her daughter.