Iggy Azalea looks MUCH different there days - many say that she now looks "Asian." Iggy recently underwent a series of facial surgeries - that are being referred to as a "face lift."

The female rapper has been open in the past, about getting plastic surgery. But many think that she's gone too far now.

Iggy revealed what many are calling her "new face" this weekend. And she looks strikingly different.

First of all, she seems to have gotten surgery to make her eyes look "more Asian." And while many of her existing fans are not happy with her looks - she may be getting more fans.

Thousands of Iggy fans in Asian countries LOVE her new look.

Check her out:


Back in July a leading UK-based plastic surgeon named Mark Ho-Asjoe, claimed that Iggy may have been a victim of botched surgery.

'I’ve had people come to me for help after seeing a bad surgeon and an implant has leaked. Iggy’s work looks botched to me,' he told Closer magazine.

‘[She] may have had implants into the top of her bottom, which gives it a raised look, then fat injections into the bottom, which have unfortunately become dimpled.’

He added: 'This happens when filler is injected too close to the surface of the skin. People have injections to smooth out cellulite, but it wears off and the skin, which has been stretched, sags.'