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Rapper Hoodrich Rablo Juan was robbed in Atlanta yesterday, MTO News has confirmed. According to multiple sources, the rapper was robbed off all his jewelry, and his clothes too.

One eyewitness claims that the Atlanta rapper was caught lacking outside of the LoudHouse Studios was robbed at gunpoint. The rapper was allegedly armed - but was caught by surprise and disarmed by the goons.

But it gets worse. The reports claim that the thieves stole not only his jewelry, but Hoodrich Pablo's clothes - including his underwear.

The thieves reportedly left the rapper completely naked. Yesterday, the temperature in Atlanta dropped to a low of 34 degrees.

Here's a man explaining how Pablo got robbed:

Some folks online are claiming that people associated with rapper 21 Savage allegedly was involved in the robbery - but so far there is no evidence to show that rumor is true.

Here are a few Tweets confirming that he was robbed:


This isn't the first time the Atlanta rapper got robbed. Last year a group of Washington DC thugs robbed the rapper.

A group of rappers from the DMV, Rich Shootas, robbed him and posted his chainon Instagramk. Screaming to the camera and asserting, "This my chain now, n---a," the alleged attackers address Pablo directly, shouting, "Ay Pablo, b-tch ass n---a, b-tch ass n---a, we the real goons. We the real Hoodrich n---a." 

Hoodrich Pablo Juan is one of Gucci Mane's most promising artists as part of 1017 Eskimo. His collaborative HoodWolf 2 project with Danny Wolf hit the streets last summer.