Rapper Gunna Denies Being A Snitch

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Rapper Gunna sat down for a virtual interview with The Breakfast Club, where addressed claims that he was formerly a snitch.

Last year, he was accused of being an informant after he allegedly appeared in an episode of Crimestoppers.

"Man, I don't know what the f*ck that's about. Man, Crime Stopper where? I ain't never stop a crime. Never," he said.

Gunna says that although it was him in the clip featured on the show, he was never filmed to appear on the show.

"Yes, that's me, but that wasn't on no Crime Stoppers," Gunna he explained. "I don't know what the hell n*ggas thinking about 'cause I wasn't in no case or nothing. So a n*gga even saying like, 'You snitched on...' Who? I was never in no case." 

In the clip, he speaks on a case his cousin caught and addresses the stigma around snitching. The clip is from 2010.

You can check it out below.