Chicago rapper G Herbo just got put on blast - his babys mother is claiming that he has herpes. Herbo's baby Mom's Ari posted the explosive allegations on Instagram yesterday.

The drama started when G Herbo posted a pic on social media, criticizing Ari (@therealkyliesister) for her parenting. G Herbo and Ari had a very messy breakup a few months back. G Herbo left Ari for Fabolous’ step-daughter. This is what G Herbo posted:


Then Ari decided to responded, by telling G Herbo's alleged business. She claims that G Herbo contracted herpes by putting his "mouth and dirty d*ck" into random women's v*ginas.

Here are the receipts:


G Herbo is currently dating Rapper Fabolous’ step-daughter Taina

We hope she's using protection . . . 

Herbo grew up in Chicago. He dropped out of school when he was 16. He was influenced by Meek Mill, Jeezy, Gucci Mane, Yo Gotti and Lil Wayne. He is close friends with fellow rapper Lil Bibby, with whom he has collaborated on numerous songs. Both artists are associated with the family N.L.M.B., which was originally formed from the merger of No Limit, a renegade faction of the Almighty Black P. Stone Nation, and the Muskegon Boyz, a renegade faction of the Gangster Disciples, although the initials N.L.M.B. are also currently used by the gang to signify "Never Leave My Brothers," and "No Limit Muskegon Boys." Lil Herb, however, has stated that N.L.M.B. is a "brotherhood" rather than a gang.