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Rapper Future is desperately trying to silence his alleged baby mama, Eliza Reign, and has filed a lawsuit against her to stop her from talking.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Future is suing Eliza for libel, invasion of privacy, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Eliza has been doing a lot of talking about Future on her social media and in interviews, and according to the rapper, her actions “constitute a shameful and outrageous invasion” of his right to privacy. 

Future charges Eliza with having no regard for human dignity and “cares only about increasing her popularity in an attempt to rise to fame and gained the economic proceeds there from on the basis of her private sexual consensual relationship” with him. He says that she spilled tea about his performance in bed.

A few weeks back, Eliza sat down with Rah Ali for OnSite, where she said his bedroom performance was “good enough to get by.”

Eliza claims that her daughter is fathered by Future, but the rapper is refusing to take a DNA test to prove whether he is the father of her child.

Future is asking the court to hit Eliza with an injunction prohibiting her from talking about him as well as unspecified damages from his alleged baby mama.