Hip-Hop superstar Future is known for having a lot of baby's mothers. Well the rapper now wants us to know that he has 5 "wives."

The rapper has been in the media for the past couple of days, after a 7th woman came forward, claiming to be Future's baby's mama. The woman, an Instagram model named Eliza Reign, claims that Future threatened to harm her when she refused to abort their child.

With all the bad press surrounding Ciara's baby's father, Future decided to change the subject - and discuss all the love that he has in his life.

Future announced yesterday on Instagram that he has "5 wives." And the rapper claims that he "loves them all to death."

MTO News reached out of one of Future's close friends, and he confirmed that Future really has 5 "spiritual wives."

According to Future's pal, he's currently married to 5 women - at the same time. The marriages, according to the person close to the rapper are all "spiritual" marriages. But his friend explained, "Future takes all of his [marriages] seriously. None of his [wives[ get neglected."

Here's Future making the announcement:


Future oldest child Jakobi was boring in 2002 to Jessica Smith. His second child, Londyn (a daughter) was boring in 2009 with India J. His third baby's mother is Brittni and she had a son Prince in 2012. His fourth child Future Zahir was born in 2014, this is his son with Ciara. 

Here's where this get muddy. According to rumors Future allegedly had a child with a woman in Arizona, this child's mother is unknown but her child's name is Kash and he was born in either 2014 or early 2015. This child was speculated to be the reason that the "Pluto" rapper and Ciara ended things. 

Earlier this year Bow Wow's baby mother Joie had a child by future named Hendrix. Then that brings us to Eliza who's child Reign was allegedly fathered by Future. 

Finally there is another child named "Legend Ary" who was also allegedly fathered by Future with a woman named Cindy, this one has yet to be confirmed. 

That brings the total amount of children Future allegedly fathered up to eight.

It seems to us that it's time for Future to get a vasectomy.