EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Future IS IN LOVE . . . Gets Back Together . . . With His 3rd BABY MAMA!! (Wedding Pics)

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Rapper Future is back with his baby's mother Brittni Mealy — and it looks like he may be ready to settle down.

The two were photo'd holding hands at his friend's wedding last weekend. The couple has been getting A LOT closer in recent months, especially since Future ended things with Bow Wow's baby's mama Joie.


Congrats to the homie Future and his lady Brittni. We always knew they made a great couple.

Back in January, Future 34-years-old and Brittni were seen partying at Compound a club in Los Angeles. They spent the Saturday night standing on couches with Meek Mill (before he went to prison), Tiffany Foxx, Big Bank Black and Porsha Williams, of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Brittni Mealy, is the mother of Future's son Prince. She owns several of her own businesses according to her Instagram bio. But, she stayed off Instagram and didn't post any pics of her and Future together from the wedding this weekend. It seems as if Brittni knows the rules that Future plays by. Brittni has in the past taken subliminal shots at Future's other rumored girlfriends, particularly Joie, Bow Wow's baby's mama.

Future also has a son, baby Future by R&B star Ciara, that brings the total number of kids Future has fathered to four. By FOUR DIFFERENT baby's mamas. His other baby mother's include women that go by the names of, Jessica Smith, and India J. 

Maybe wedding bells will be ringing for future and Brittni in the near future, who knows?