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Rapper Future EXPOSES Insta-THOT . . . For LYING On Him!! (Pure Savagery)


Rapper Future is known for meeting women on social media, and then flying them out for weekend excursions at his Los Angeles home. But when one insta-thot claims that she was given an offer by Future - the rapper FOUGHT BACK.

A pretty young model named Shyanne went on social media last night, bragging that Future offered to fly her out - so that hey could spend the weekend together. The woman seemed flattered by the invitation. And she suggested to her fans that she planned on taking the rapper up on his offer.

The problem is that she MADE UP THE WHOLE THING after she posted her "receipts" fro her conversation with Future - he responded. Here's what Shyanne posted:


Here are his receipts - showing that he NEVER even corresponded with the Insta-thottie.:


Here are more pics of the girl:

Perhaps Future is learning from his mistakes and slowing down on THOTTING. This comeback to the Insta-thot above definitely shows some personal growth on his part. 

Future currently has four children with four different mothers. He has sons with Ciara, Jessica Smith and Brittni - and has a daughter with India J. He pays lots of child support!