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Rapper Freeway's DAUGHTER DIES ... Grieves For His Late Daughter

Rapper Freeway is mourning the loss of his daughter, Harmony. She was 21.

He posted several tributes to Instagram in her memory.

Harmony passed away after battling cancer. 

"From my understanding of religion & Islam I truly believe in my heart of hearts ♥️ that Harmony will make it to Paradise, so that brings me Joy. I'm just so sad because I miss her so much," he captioned a video.

He continued: "😢😢😢😢 have you ever been around a person that no matter what they're going through they're still always happy smiling and Hopeful, well that's Harmony! Looking through my phone I can't find a pic when she's not smiling! Even in hospital beds! I Love her so much!!!!! it's a Big hole in my ❤️ O & she's so talented! We did this record a few months before her brother Jihad passed away & she killed it!! 🤲🏾💔❤️ Please keep both of my beautiful children in your duas!"