Last week, social media was up in arms over Kodak Black's "Pimpin' Ain't Easy" when he repeatedly mentioned Young M.A.'s name. He then doubled down on the sentiment in a video where he asked his viewers "how you a female and don't want your p*ssy penetrated?"

Rapper Fredo Bang decided to weigh in on the debate (even though nobody asked him to) mirroring Kodak's previous remarks.

“Young M.A cuter than most of you hoes. “Y’all stupider than a muthaf*cka. You need some attractive tattoos, attractive clothes — if she don’t got a d*ck on her, I’m f*ckin. No disrespect to Young M.A., I don’t know her … she got a cat my n*gga.

“Listen, people talkin’ bout, ‘Oh she come off as a man.’ No, y’all stupid. She come off as a woman with tattoos and bangin’ clothes to me. Yo, she is a f*ckin’ woman.”

See Fredo's comments below.

Whether Young M.A is a female or not is not up for debate. We all know that she's a woman. But the tone of all of these conversations is highkey derogatory.

If they're truly interested, why don't they just slide into her DM's and shoot their shot like the rest of the world?