Rapper Freddie Gibbs: Jeezy Is Musically Irrelevant!!

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Rapper Freddie Gibb had a scathing review of southern rapper, Jeezy -- claiming that The Snowman is "musically irrelevant."

"I look up to Young Jeezy," he explains. "Come on bro, in 2010 I could have fucked with any rapper. Yo Gotti, Rick Ross. Anybody. I looked up to all those n*ggas, but I really looked up to Young Jeezy. So that said, all the music I made after that, is to prove n*ggas wrong. To prove I was where I was supposed to be. Every day, every time I go in the booth, every project I make, I'm trying to prove somebody wrong," he told Bootleg Kev.

"I take the adversity and use it as f*ckin' fuel," he continued. "The fact I can do that puts me above a lot of n*ggas. I wasn't supposed to make it, in 2006 Interscope dropped me. [...] Jeezy is musically irrelevant," he added. 

"Let's be real, dawg. Did you listen to his last album, no you fuckin' didn't. He's a legend, but right now, you're irrelevant -- I love you, but what you want to fight? You can't fight me, out rap me. Any n*gga that can't out rap me or beat me up, I don't give a f*ck about," he says to Jeezy.