Rapper FETTY WAP Trashes Rental House . . . He Leaves DRUGS . . . Dirty . . . And SH*T STAINED THOT LINGERIE . . . Every Where!! (We Got PICS)


Rapper Fetty Wap is in a world of trouble. He reportedly TRASHED a rental home that he rented in Puerto Rico.

But it wasn't just ANY OLD rental property - it belonged to Dr. Michael Jones a popular plastic surgeon who is currently filming a BET reality show.

Michael and his family returned to their vacation home to find it TRASHED. The furniture was messed up, the golf cart was damaged, there was tons of expensive linen missing.

They also left behind drug paraphernalia including blunts as well as dirty lingerie from some thots that were with them. We're told that some of the lingerie had "feces stains" on them.

Dr. Jones was so pissed because his young kids were with him.

The vacation house they bought on a previous season of Million Dollar Listing with Luis.

Here is the episode with the home being bought:

Million Dollar Listing Reel from Lexington Plastic Surgeons on Vimeo.