Rapper Fabulous is expected to plead guilty this week, to beating his longtime girlfriend Emily B.

The 41 year old Fabolous, real John Jackson, appeared in a New Jersey court on Jan. 28th with his lawyer to confirm that they will be accepting a plea deal in the assault case against him.

One year ago, Emily called the police on Fabulous - claiming that he beat her repeatedly and knocked her teeth out. Police arrested the Brooklyn rapper and charged him with aggravated assault and making a terroristic threat. He was facing up to 10 years in prison.

Well the case is about to be over. According to reports, Fab has agreed to plead GUILTY to one count of felony brandishing and threatening a domestic violence victim with scissors.

Fab will avoid prison time for his guilty plea. According to the plea deal, Fab will be sentenced to a “Pre-Trial Intervention” or PTI. The rapper will have to attend a series of domestic violence prevention workshops for the next year or so. And if Fabolous managed to keeps his nose clean, and not BEAT Emily again, the'll have the charges expunged from his criminal record.

Emily ad Fabulous got back together just a few months after the arrest. The pair got married last fall, and have been living together happily (and violence-free) for months.